Buy a Dash Cam! Dash cams are one of the most important gadgets that you can have in your vehicle while working for Uber. They will protect you from passengers lying about you, will deter dangerous people from doing anything and will also be proof in case of an accident. Recommended Dash cam is the “Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dashcam.”

Pool rides in the long run will get you deactivated. Other riders will rate you poorly for situations that are not under your control like a route that has another passenger dropped off first, or another rider has food, or smells bad. Those ratings will stack and lower your overall rating. Avoid Uber pool rides as much as possible unless you need them for a quest and your rating is good enough to not take hits after several pools. The earnings on a pool most of the times can be less than in a normal ride of the same time and distance so always prioritize UberX or anything other than pools.

Wait till the passenger gets out of your vehicle before giving them a rating. This is important since a rider might slam your car’s door like the Hulk and you might feel like that is enough reason to let Uber know this rider needs some advice. Also when some riders are about to get out of the vehicle they check your screen hoping they can see what you are rating them and if they see anything but 5, even if you did perfect they will also rate you poorly.