• Download the “meter app” which calculates rides with the rates of most rideshare apps.
    By using this on par with the Uber app you will know how much your current trip will earn you (a lot of rides are being calculated wrong by the system and we think its on purpose and if you don’t notice that then nothing will happen). This is also useful in cases where you get a recurring rider or someone that wants to pay you cash. (Here you can edit the ratings in case you want to charge some more, but also know that you will also save yourself the 20-50% that Uber takes as a commission.)
  • Bad acceptance rate means less money.
    To avoid this you have to stop using the “do not charge rider” option when canceling a trip. When you have to cancel a trip for any reason you shouldn’t just press “do not charge” since this means that you are the reason this rider wont get the trip they requested on time and this will lower your acceptance rate. If you need to cancel a trip because of bad rating, one letter as a name or any other reason, use the other options and that way you will avoid the hit on your acceptance rate (do not abuse this either since it might get your account flagged or you being disconnected for minutes or even hours). When you need to cancel consecutive trips use different options for each.
  • Airports can be a waste of time and money.
    The only times you should stay in an airport is if there are no cars in the parking lot (and even then I would think twice before staying). If you stay at the airport you can stay there for more than an hour and get a trip going just 5 miles away or an Uber pool or a trip to the MARC station around the same airport. The time it takes you to get another trip is time that you can use driving back to the city and getting better trips.