The rating system can help you in a lot of situations. If a rider is complicated, annoying or makes you uncomfortable in any way, give them a low rating. A rider who seems uncomfortable or annoyed will always rate you poorly and if you don’t do the same then Uber will take it like you were the problem in that specific ride. Also call Uber as soon as you finish a ride where you had to rate a rider poorly, explain the Uber rep what happened and why you had to give the rider a bad rating (most reps will flag your account so if any false report is made by the rider you will not get any negative point on your account.)

A rider with less than 4.7 stars is most likely going to be an uncomfortable ride. 4.69 or less means that this passenger has had a good amount of trips rated 4 or less stars and you want to avoid them since you never want to deal with difficult people, vomit, fights or anything that would jeopardize your safety.

Check your vehicle after every trip. A rider might damage your vehicle and get out of it without letting you know. Always check your seats and remember the name of the person and the trip where it happened and take pictures of it as soon as the passenger gets out or if you notice it before they get out then take the picture with them in the car. you might want to be sneaky but this gives you stronger proof. Uber wont take more than 300 dollars out of a passenger’s account without their permission and any damage under 1000 dollars is not worth claiming to their insurance since the deductible is actually 1000 dollars. The only option is asking Uber for that passenger’s info and taking that person to small claims.

Learn how to get people out of your car without causing trouble. If you feel like a passenger is dangerous, is about to cause a scene, disrespected you or you simply need them out of your vehicle ASAP first let them know that you are not going to be able to complete the trip and that they will not be charged at all (even if that might happen). If you think you have a violent passenger in the back then take off your seatbelt and if there is anything you have to protect yourself then keep an eye and be alert. Get out of the car if it’s needed too and don’t hesitate to call 911. (Nothing you do to protect yourself will affect your business especially if you have a dash cam and if the trip was never completed.)

When working late nights observe the people before they get in your car for signs of intoxication. After some time driving you should detect someone that is too drunk to be in a vehicle. Check how they walk, how they talk to you from your window (keep your car locked until you confirm they are the correct passengers and they are OK) and even any smell.